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Mature content
The Savage Dark Chapter 1 :iconkulkum:Kulkum 168 67
Prologue: A Key to The City
    “Miss Hopps! Miss Hopps!” came the sound of yet another annoying reporter, and as it was with many things in the real world, the one with the loudest voice was the one that got the most attention. And tiny white and gray finger pointed at the bear, a fluffy bunny face with high set ears nodded in his direction, and the question came. “Do you really intend to take this battle to Zootopia?”
    “I do,” came a much more agreeably feminine, if naïve, voice. Such a stern tone. So sure of her righteousness and dedicated to the ‘cause.’ Seeing her on TV, the way the camera zoomed in on her face to make her look larger than she actually was, some poor fools might even believe her. “I have received permission from the Administration to bring my case before higher courts within the city. I have even been given office space, so I can move through with any legal battles that are to follow.”
:iconkulkum:Kulkum 193 49
Mature content
The Feral Mask Part 1 (The Broken Mask AU) :iconkulkum:Kulkum 101 39
Zootopia - Claw ch.1
The new car rolled over a twig and crushed it. Fallen leaves also had that fate of having rubber tired squish them, but the vehicle and the driver did not care, nor had a reason to. The fox was poised as he drove up to the gated wall and stopped to unlock it. He was calm as he went over the carefully laid plan out in his mind. Everything must be perfect, everything. Oh, what a party this would be! He hoped it would go well.
The gates opened slowly and the fox drove on, up the hill, and into a luscious parking-lot of brick, decorated with flowers, overgrown vines, and a fountain. The house connected to the parking-area was beautiful! An old mansion perched on top of a high hill far into the woods and a great distance from the hustle and bustle of the city. The windows of the mansion glowed and music, though hard to distinguish, could be heard by the fox from inside.
Nick turned his car off and walked towards the door. He dug out his key out of his suit-pocket with white-gloved paws and
:iconservant1999:servant1999 8 6
Mature content
Blue Moon (Friend or Foe) :iconlgarniger:lgarniger 12 5
Prepare for Wildefall
    Lt. Hopps sprinted through the massive leaves, drops of rain slapping her visor as she tried to outrun the relentless Militia squadron following her. Her franitc breath fogged the inside of her helmet as her HUD calculated the quickest path out of the trees to where she could call in her titan. ZMC had dropped her her and three squadrons on this backwater planet to take out a fueling depot... Things did not go as planned. Judy bit her lip and kept running, hoping they wouldn't catch her.
-30 minutes previous-
"Alright Pilots, we drop in 5. Militia forces have set up a depot her on Terbius, we get in and blow it. Then we get out. Preds are gaining ground in this sector, let's collar the suckers." Called a massive sheep, and Judy triple checked her gear. "Hopps... Congrats on the promotion, first bunny in the Razorbacks. Do us a favor and try not to die okay?" The Sergeant called and Judy bit her tongue. She would show them... "Razor one weapons check." The Sergea
:iconlgarniger:lgarniger 12 51
Mature content
One Hundred Percent 2: Part 1 :iconkulkum:Kulkum 100 28
The Pursuit, Chapter 4.3, AU Version
Alternate Story Direction – "Nick Wasn’t Stupid Edition" or "Moar Fluff Edition"
June 19th, Sunday Afternoon – Saharra Central
    Forcing the questions out of his mind, Nick stared at the flowers he was carrying. Knowing Judy, she would be beside herself and bounce around the apartment for half an hour. Thoughts of that unbridled joy was the only thing that kept him from running away, given what he wanted to say to her once she calmed down.
    “You can do this, Nick,” he assured himself softly, walking quickly up the steps to the apartment building. As it had been the last time, the front door’s lock was broken and he easily walked in. “Tell her you’re willing to try to make this work and you have been dwelling on every second since you last cuddled with her. Maybe even admit to how you feel. Tell her you can’t imagine a day without her. Tell her that every day si
:iconlagarderhoade:LagardeRhoade 18 43
SURVIVE: Prologue
[Musical Accompaniment. Begin: Stutter ]
Twenty years ago, back when I was a kid, if you had told me how intimately involved I’d be with foxes, there’s a good chance I’d have snickered and shrugged it off. I was good at playing tough… When you’re a bunny, even playing tough can seem a laughable cause. But what choice did I have?

The seed of fear was planted deep within me, and all it took was the mark of three

I still have those scars from Gideon Grey. Yes, my fur has grown, and it covers the marks, but they are there. When I touch the fur of my cheek, and brush my thumb down, there’s a flaw in the silver sheen, three distinct shadows with flashes of pink that lie beneath them

I always felt life-changing moments came in threes.

I just never realised that when the next th
:iconthewinterbunny:TheWinterBunny 72 80
Story: A Toast to Heroes
As the two mammals stretched their wearied arms, bones popping and cracking from the strain of sitting in place too long filling out paperwork, the same thought was going through both of their minds. With the ease of being partners now for nearly five years, through promotions and stakeouts, meter maid duties to high speed chases, the minds of the two were fairly close to being on the exact same frequency. As they turned to each other, they both stated the same thing which was on both of their minds.
"Take out?" the fox stated.
"Eat at home?" Judy mentioned.
Well, almost the same idea.
The pair debated over which would be the better option for several minutes, while those on the outside of their office decidedly used another term to describe the increasing noise from the office that shared a wall with Chief Bogo's. The buffalo had thought that moving their office next door would allow him to better keep tabs on them, though the plan had seemed to backfire. It was ok when
:iconcimar-wildehopps:Cimar-WildeHopps 18 40
Always My Sly Bunny, Always My Dumb Fox
Chapter 1 The Story Begins
"Grandpa! Grandpa!"
"Tell us a story Grandpa!
The pitter patter of dozens of softly padded feet swarmed into his ears and into an enormous room filled with all sorts of furniture, both old and new. The tiny mammals flooded quickly around one of those pieces, an old red recliner, worn with age. They stared up at the figure of an elderly fox, whose grey fur betrayed his advanced years.
"Are you awake Grandpa? Your eyes make you look like you are sleeping..."
"Do you think he's dead? He looks dead...should we poke him?"
The aging fox wanted to chuckle, but held it in, wanting to have a little fun with the gaggle of young kits at his feet. Nearly every day this same routine would occur. And nearly every day he would leave them waiting until their patience could take no more. He imagined all their eyes staring up at him, practically imploring him to show he was awake. All the little bunnies, their long ears lowered across their backs, noses twitching anxiou
:iconcimar-wildehopps:Cimar-WildeHopps 22 26
The Testimony of Zorro (Complete)

Mi Amor, Mi Vida, Mi Mundo,
    As the world goes mad around me, I understand that this, my final letter to you, is as much confession as it is a farewell. As such, I will be honest with you in ways that I know will anger you, even if I do not survive the night. Do not grieve for me, for I have lied to you from the moment we met. You remember, don’t you? I am certain that I still feel the imprint of your palm on my muzzle, as I am certain you must feel the ache after such a slap. Your eyes were like amethysts with hearts of indignant flame, showing me the bunny under the proper outer dress and dignified air. The most beautiful senorita in all the land – lovely beyond the boundaries of time and the realities of species – and I knew that I had to have you as my own.
    I will always remember how lucky I am to have known you, to have loved you, and to have had you love me in return.
:iconkulkum:Kulkum 107 27
Christmas is, family time and togetherness. Its the one day of the year when all the world is at peace. Differences are set aside and fighting comes to a stop at least for this one peaceful holiday. On this one day of the year, speciesism doesn't exist. Its about giving and being selfless. About lovers meeting under mistletoe and families gathering around the tree. A warm fire in the fireplace and hot cocoa after a day of play in the snow. Its the time when every gift is precious whether it be bought with money or even just given from the heart from a mammal who doesn't have a lot.
That's where the legend of this flower comes in. According to legend there was a Christmas gathering about a hundred years ago or so. Back when the peace treaty between the predators and prey was still relatively young or was at the very least a bit shaky. To strengthen the alliance and gain trust among one another they held a celebration for this day.
There was one red fox by the name of Markel who didn't h
:iconatempharaoh:atempharaoh 16 15

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I got tagged by Optimus Power with this "Write 8 facts about an OC" thingy. Well, since there a few of them and I'm to lazy to deside I thought about doing another poll. So, who should it be. They are all from my story "Savage Ways". 

6 deviants said Aliya Sari (shy corsac vixen ZPD rookie)
5 deviants said Diana Silverhowl (crazy ZPD S.W.A.T. she-wolf)
2 deviants said Anne Lace (skunk landlady)
2 deviants said Sophia Hill (haunted by guilt cougar doctor)
1 deviant said Arthur King (ice cold and determined tiger gangster)
No deviants said Aksel Snow (not an easy arctic hare ZPD rookie)
No deviants said Layla Nightingale (super friendly cougar room mate and friend from Sophia)
No deviants said Wolfgang Jaeger (always good humored night club owner and former mobster [wasn't in the story yet])
No deviants said Mélanie DeMouton (partner from Diana [wasn't in the story yet])


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Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Just some average guy from Germany...
That likes to rewrite songs... so that the rewritten songs become something like theme songs...
So, I'm some kind of Theme Song Guy... :D

Just got a promotion
It's Disco King now :dummy:


Hmm... I checked out my latest poll...
I guess I should keep on writing... and I'm a fool :D

(Chapter 6 is at 2k words so far... ;) )
I finished chapter 5 of my story yesterday. I will post it as soon as I am done with all that editing stuff :dummy:

Sorry again for the long delay
70 WATCHERS :la:

I can't belive it...

Thank you all :hug:

(I plan to release the next chapter of "Savage Ways" in two weeks ;) )
There is a new little comic from the fantastic Koraru-san (script by me :dummy:) featruring Judy, Nick and our beloved Stalker Wolf Eliot Eliot animated emote

Take a look and left a comment for Koraru... (maybe also a watch) :la:
The return of the stalker cupid by Koraru-san
Just checked chapter 1 of my Story "Savage ways"...
2018-02-09 08h49 04 by ReaderNo31142
Btw... I'm still writing... new chapter has about 4k words so far... Can't say when I will finish it but I will give my best...
Thank you for the month of core membership, dear anonymous deviant :la:

And Merry Christmas to all of you :dummy:
I just had to update chapter 4 of my story "Savage Ways". I did a little mistake with the sizes of my OCs Aliya Sari and Aksel Snow. It seems that arctic hares are even larger than corsac foxes.... I didn't know that. Well, it won't change the story that much but nevertheless, I want to tell you... :D

Sorry guys... I'm stupid :dummy:
50 watchers... WTF? How did that happen? :la:

Thanks for all of you!!!
YOU ARE AWESOME!!! :dummy:
I'm still trying to fix the broken "Next Chapter" link in Chapter 3 of my "Savage Ways" story. I made some progress lately and hope it will work soon... :D
Do you guys know that feeling? You look back and ask yourself:
"Was that really just one year?"
I have the feeling right now. At the 5th November 2016, I created this account. I found so many fantastic stories, comics and artwork... I met so many fantastic guys that are a lot of fun to chat with.

And then I even started to write stuff... Never thought I would ever do that... :D

All in all, it was a fantastic year and I just can't wait to see what the next will bring :la:

(I just was inspired for another song thingy... I will try to write it in the next days...) ;)


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Sorry for another hype but i'm defintely effing jazzed about this grand work that is all my own. If you like to write more after the SW, i warmly recommend doing something entirelly your own. The feeling is most unprecedented, far surpassing anything that can be received with just fanfiction alone.
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